Paper bags without handles

Paper bags without bottom – only side gusset

We have basic collection of white and brown paper bags without bottom gusset.


Widht + side gusset x hight. Available also with customers own print 1-8 colors.

Product Pcs/box Paper
Brown 140+100x300mm 1000 40g
Brown 190+125x350mm 1000 40g
Brown 250+115 x410mm 500 40g
White 140+100x300mm 1000 50g
White 190+75x410mm 1000 50g

Small paper bags with bottom gusset

Small bags 0,5 – 2kg are available printed flexo print up to 8 colors.

80x50x280mm 0,5kg
105x65x270mm 1kg
120x65x260mm 1kg
140x80x340mm 2kg

Packing bags

Big packing bags with bottom gusset

With one or two layers. Flexo printed up to 4 colors.

160x110x500mm 5kg
240x120x600mm 10kg
450x140x640mm 20kg
500x140x770mm 25kg
500x140x850mm 30kg + PE layer
550x140x1100mm 50kg
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